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Analysing Results

Opening Analysis -dialog
To open Analysis -dialog, choose either Composite Priorities... or Sensitivity Analysis... in Analysis-menu.
Composite Priorities
Choosing the Goal
In Goal -choice you choose the goal, in which respect the composite priorities are calculated.
Choosing Segments
In Segments -choice you choose the level of hierarchy, which determines how the composite priorities bars are divided into the segments. These segments show the relative contribution of these elements to the global weights of bars.
Choosing Bars
In Bars -choice you choose the level of the hierarchy, the elements of which are shown by the bars.
Showing Values
To show the weights in numerical form, tick Show Values -tickbox. The graphical form is obtained by unticking tickbox.
Result in Text Form
To show the hierarchy and the composite priorities in text form, choose Results as Text.... Then, you can use Copy-Paste to copy the results into other applications.
Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity analysis shows the sensitivity in the changes of the total weights in respect to the local weight of some criterium (or value of some alternative) varying. First you are asked to choose the criteria under which the weight of subcriteria is varying and the subcriteria (or alternative) whose weight is varying. The graph then shows how the total weights of alternatives change in subject to the local weight of the chosen subcriteria varying. The current total weights of alternatives can be read on the black vertical line which is in the position of the current local weight of the varying criteria. By clicking mouse button on graph you can add another vertical line showing which the total weights of alternatives would be if the local weight of chosen subcriteria is at this point.

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