Enabling Java for Web-HIPRE and Smart-Swaps


Many browsers have discontinued their Java support, which is required to run HIPRE and Smart-Swaps. The majority of Windows computers come with Internet Explorer pre-installed, which is why we have chosen to include a step by step tutorial for that browser on that operating system. Other browsers and setups may work, but they are not supported by us.

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Note: Web-Hipre may work with other setups as well. Please check the latest list of Java enabled browsers from java.com -> Help -> Using Java -> How do I enable Java in my web browser?

Step by Step Tutorial for Internet Explorer

This section will walk you through step by step on how to enable Internet Explorer for HIPRE.

Verify That You Have Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer > Tools > About Internet Explorer

Enable Java Add-Ons in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer > Tools > Manage add-ons > Enable Java add-ons


Navigate to Web-HIPRE with Internet Explorer > Allow pop-ups > Bring Web-HIPRE to Front > (Update Java, if necessary) > Run Java > Start Web-HIPRE

Tutorial Completed