Web-HIPRE Help

File Operations

Creating a new model
To create a new model choose New in File-menu, when Web-HIPRE creates a new blank decision model area. Open models can be switched in Window-menu.
Opening a model
To open an existing model choose Open... in File-menu. In appearing Open File -dialog, you can open file by choosing corresponding filename from the filename list and pressing Open file -button. If you have registered as a Web-HIPRE user, you can open your private directory by defining your user name and password. There exists also some <read only> example models in the file list.
Saving a model
To save current model choose Save... in File-menu. In appearing Save File -dialog, you can save current model by defining file name in corresponding text field and pressing Save file -button. To save model into your private directory (only if you are a registered Web-HIPRE user), define your user name and password in corresponding text fields. To register as a Web-HIPRE user, press Register as a new user -button, when registeration web page opens in a new browser window.
Removing file from disk
To remove file from disk, choose Remove from disk... in File-menu. In appearing Remove File -dialog, you can remove file from disk by choosing file to remove from file list and pressing Remove file -button. To change to your private directory, define your user name and password in corresponding text fields.
Closing file
To close the current open model, choose Close in File-menu.
Importing Hipre-models
There exists also some example HIPRE 3+ -models (which are in different format than Web-HIPRE -models). To open these models choose Import HIPRE-model... in File-menu, select desired filename and press OK -button. Contact us if you want to use your own HIPRE 3+ -models.

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