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Creating a Model

HIPRE - HIerarchical PREference analysis software is used for multiattribute (=multicriteria) decision analysis, where the decision problem is structured hierarchically from criteria to lower level subcriteria. The resulting model is called a value tree or a hierarchy of criteria and objectives depending on the tradition referred to. So HIPRE handles both multiattribute value trees and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) models as well as their combinations.
Elements of the value tree
The lowest level (=the rightmost) elements of the value tree are automatically handled as alternatives and they are coloured yellow. The other elements represent the overall goal and objectives or criteria and attributes (coloured cyan), depending on the tradition referred to. Different traditions use different names, but in practice there is no difference. When creating, connecting or moving the elements of the value tree, all kind of elements are handled in the same way without taking any notice on their functionality.
Creating a new element
To create a new element into the value tree, double-click on the corresponding place in the decision model area.
Activating an element
To activate an element, click the left mouse button on the element. To activate multiple elements hold down the SHIFT key and click on the each element you want to activate. Activated elements are of dark blue.
Changing the name of an element
To change the name of an element, activate the element and press ENTER. Another way is to choose Edit element name in the Model -menu.
Connecting elements
The hierarchical structure of the model is created by connecting the elements. To connect elements to a desired element, activate the elements you want to connect and click the right mouse button on the element to which you want the activated elements to be connected.
Disconnecting elements
To disconnect elements from desired element, activate elements you want to disconnect and click right mouse button on the element from which you want the activated elements to be disconnected.
Moving elements
To move an element, click left mouse button on element to be moved, drag element to the desired place while holding down the mouse button and drop element by releasing the mouse button.
Deleting elements
To delete elements, activate all elements you want to delete and press DELETE.
Weighting sub-elements
To open the weighting window, double-click on the corresponding element. Another way is to choose the weighting method in the Priorities-menu. See also Priorities -dialog.
Rating alternatives
To open the rating window, double-click on any alternative. Alternatives are coloured yellow. Another way is to choose Ratings... in the Priorities-menu. See also Ratings -dialog.
Changing the name of heading
To change the name of heading, activate heading and press ENTER. To let Web-HIPRE to handle the naming of headings, change the name of heading to automatic (which is default).
Element descriptions
To relate additional information to elements, choose Element descriptions... in the Model -menu. Then opens the Element descriptions -dialog in which you can enter additional information for the elements.
Opening links
To open the WWW-page linked to the currently active element, choose Open selected link... in the WWW-links -menu or click right mouse button on active element, when this WWW-page opens in separate WWW-browser window. See also WWW-links.

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