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Web-HIPRE is a Java-applet for multiple criteria decision making based on the well-known decision support software HIPRE 3+.

In decision making problem the decision maker has some alternatives and some criteria on which the decision is based. In Web-HIPRE the problem is structured hierarchically to form a value tree. In this value tree each criterium is divided to its subcriteria, which are weighted by their importance to decision maker (On the lowest level criteria the alternatives are weighted). The total weights of the alternatives are calculated from these local weights. Look also Creating a Model.

The value tree in Web-HIPRE is build up by mouse-driven commands. To each element of the value tree can decision maker make a link to a Web-page located anywhere in the World Wide Web. This linked Web-page can contain any additional information about this element (sounds, images, etc.), which can help the decision maker to give weights more accurately. Look also Web-HIPRE Links.

The local weights of criteria and alternatives are given directly or by using some sophisticated weighting method. Web-HIPRE supports several weighting methods including AHP, SMART, SWING, SMARTER and value functions. Look also Priorities -dialog.

As a result of the decision making problem Web-HIPRE gives the total weights of the alternatives. These weights are shown by bar graphs and bars which can be divided to segments by contibution of each criterium. There is also a possibility to run a sensitivity analysis, which gives more information about the sensitivity of the results. Look also Analysing Results.

Due to security restrictions you aren't allowed to save the models to your local machine. The models can however be saved to a public directory of the Web-HIPRE server or you can alternatively create a private working directory by registering as a Web-HIPRE user. The private working directory is password protected, but the public directory is accessible to everyone. The models in the public directory can thus be tampered or destroyed by anyone. Look also File Operations.

There exists some <read only> example models and Web-HIPRE supports also the use of HIPRE 3+ models.

See slide show PowerPoint file (2.1MB) for more information.

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