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Group Model

Group Hierarchy
Web-HIPRE supports group decision making with a possibility to create group hierarchies. Then, the individual values for the alternatives are combined with the weighted arithmetic mean method, i.e. the ovarall value is the weighted sum of individual values. In the group hierarchy each of the decision makers is presented as an element of the hierarchy. These elements can be weighted with any of weighting methods available in Web-HIPRE. The component values of decision maker elements are the overall values of each decision maker. These are obtained directly from the models of the decision makers.
Creating a Group Hierarchy
Group model is created similarly as other models. The element can be defined as a group element by choosing Group from the Priorities -Dialog. The alternatives are identified by their names, i.e. these have to be identical in group and individual models.
Publishing the Individual Values
Your overall values cannot be taken into the group model unless you have published them. This can be done by choosing Publish/Refresh from the Group-menu. The changes in the model can be updated into the group model by clicking again Publish/Refresh in the Group-menu.

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